A Closer Insight Inside This Home Building Company

Norwood Building Solutions specializing in renovations based in Vancouver was formed by Kellan Norwood. With over a decade of experience in the industry he established a keen sense of disciplines in the trade and a high level of professionalism to ensure standards, regulations and building inspections are passed with flying colors, and okay… a he’s a little bit of a perfectionist – which isn’t a bad thing when you’re leaving your home in someone else’s hands.

Completing the BCIT 4 year Carpentry Programme at the outset of his career set Kellan onto great things when he was hooked by one of the most prestigious home building companies (Calrudd Construction) in the West Vancouver area. His goal was to learn as many aspects of construction that was on offer, and given his versatile skill set, Kellan was given the opportunity to cover all areas of construction from small residential renovations to large commercial projects. It’s fair to say if there was a challenging project, Kellan wouldn’t be the one walking away. He’d be the one asking what there was to learn from the situation, thinking creatively for a solution and committing himself to the job.

It’s his flair for creative solutions and passion for realizing the perfect space that put Kellan at the head of his game. Now with years of experience under his belt Kellan understands how important it is to communicate well with his clients and to address any concerns they may have. Kellan and his team want to take as much of the project related stress away from clients. Which is why he’s always on hand to discuss anything, regardless of what stage into the renovation project it might be.